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From sketch to finished animation: some behind the scenes process shots on our latest video!

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Just a few images to show how we went from an initial concept sketch to a finished vector image for a scene in our latest collaboration, "Hole in a Ship", with music by Greg Klyma and illustrations by Laurie Bousquet!

The line in the song goes, "Story about a famine, story about a feast, story about a belly or is that one about the beast?" Our concept was to show a poor man with a single pea on his he goes to stab his meager offerings, the pea rolls away. The pathos! The following scene shows a rich man, his table groaning under the weight of his feast….and then cuts to both of our heroes, rich and poor, inside the belly of a beast.

We went with a triangular composition, and worked out the proportions on paper. Later, we added shadows to create the mood. The initial sketch was then imported into Adobe Illustrator, and thus began the time consuming process of tracing and organizing the layers in preparation for the animation. The final scene was assembled in AfterEffects.

Check out a promo for our video here!

The official release date will be Thanksgiving 2018; stay tuned for more information and behind the scenes images.

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