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Old Friends and New Beginnings

Greetings!! Welcome to my blog. I'm pleased to announce the launch of - a home for my demo reel as well as the broader portfolio of my work, a blog for me to let you know what I'm working on, and hopefully the start of something new for my video editing career. If you've managed to find my little corner of the interwebs, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I love receiving fan-mail.


The launch of this site coincides with the premiere of my latest video project - the music video for Hole in a Ship.

This piece of work is to date perhaps the best, certainly the most unique video I've had the pleasure to create. The music and lyrics are by my good friend Greg Klyma. I first met Greg over 20 years ago when I stumbled into a small cafe in Buffalo, NY with some friends where Greg was playing a gig. We really dug his music - a collection of original songs as well some covers of our favorite artists - and made a point to go see him play again. We soon struck up a friendship that has lasted over two decades. A fun fact, the very first creative piece I ever uploaded to YouTube (10 years ago!!) was a video Greg and I made in my living room of a song he had just written - Grandpa's Purple Heart - which he has finally gotten around to recording and will be released in March on The Standing O Project. Here's a few other videos I've done for Greg over the years...

You can learn more about Greg at his website and subscribe to the Standing O Project to hear all of his new music If you subscribe before Christmas 2018 using Greg as your referring artist, in addition to hearing some great music, you can get your very own copy of some of the artwork featured in the video. Full details here:

Speaking of the artwork... The absolutely mind blowing illustrations in this video were done by another good friend of mine Laurie Bousquet. Inspired by wine-making, spiders, webs, patterns, cloud formations, surrealism, bees, wax, amorphous solids, ambiguous states of being, fluidity, Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, sex, death, hallucinations, and dreams, I've know Laurie since I was in college. In addition to being one of my very best friends in the world, she is also the most talented artist I know. No matter what medium she uses - paper and ink, paint, glass, or even pixels, the images she creates are truly stunning. Each individual shot in the video is comprised of several of her drawings - and in many cases, multiple versions of each. Her artwork has taken her all over the world, and she now lives with her husband and adorable son in southern France. Laurie's talent for design is also on display on this very site as she was the brilliant mind behind the layout of You can check out more of her fantastic work at her Instagram page, and you can even buy some of her unique designs at


That's all for now, I hope you like my latest creation as well as the other works I've included on my site. If you need any video or motion graphic editing work done, please consider me for the job. Subscribe to the blog to get notifications of future posts, and if you're still reading this, by all means drop me a comment below to let me know you were here.


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