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Hole in a Ship - Artwork Giveaway

Hopefully by now, you've seen the video for Hole in Ship.

Here's your chance to get your very own copy of some exclusive artwork by the amazingly talented Laurie Bousquet - as featured in the video. The song Hole in a Ship is part of Greg Klyma's new collection of music "Fake Songs" which is available for streaming exclusively at the Standing O Project. Greg is releasing a new song on the first Tuesday of each month. Anyone who subscribes to Greg's page at Standing O - - between Thanksgiving and Christmas, in addition to being able to hear some really great music, will earn FREE artwork.

Here's how!!!

From Greg's page, click "Fan Registration" and select Greg as your referring artist -

There are several levels of subscription available for you to choose from, each level will earn you a different reward.

For the "Big Fan" ($5/month) - You will receive a downloadable pdf of the Poster for the song (shown above)

For the "Really Big Fan" ($10/month) - You will receive the pdf of the poster AND your choice of one of the 4 stickers.

For the "Raging Fan" ($20/month) - You will receive the pdf of the poster AND the collection of 4 stickers.

For the "Annual Fan" ($90 for the entire year) - in addition to Greg's eternal gratitude, you will receive an 11x17 PRINT of the poster AND the collection of stickers!!

Once you subscribe, you will need to send Greg an email at with whatever name you used to sign up. This will be the email where we send the pdf. If you sign up at the "Really Big Fan" level or above, you will also need to include a mailing address so we can send you the stickers and/or the print of the poster.


To learn more about Greg Klyma, including where to see him perform live check out

Also, if you want to own more mind blowing artwork by Laurie Bousquet, check out her online store at

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